36. The Attica Prison Uprising Part 2: The Uprising

Thanks for waiting for us for a whole month! We're back with part 2 of the Attica Prison Uprising. This part consists of how the initial riot broke out and how the riot became a proper civil rights protest. We talk about the negotiations between prisoners and prison officials for better conditions, then the bloody and tragic ending, and the legacy Attica left.

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https://www.missedinhistory.com/podcasts Attica Part 1 & 2

"Blood in the Water" by Heather Ann Thompson

Attica (Cinda Firestone, US, 1974) - Documentary

"The True Story of the Attica Prison Riot" by Larry Getlen - https://nypost.com/2016/08/20/the-true-story-of-the-attica-prison-riot/

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